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The main deity of this temple is called Paramaswamy and the processional idol is called Alagar and also Sundararajan. This beautiful idol is made of pure gold and is a fine example of craftsmanship of the ancient period. The shrine of Kalyana Sundaravalli, the divine consort of Alagar, is in the southern enclosure. There is another shrine in the north dedicated to Andal who is said to have visited this place with Periyalwar from Srivilliputtur. Other important shrines are those of Sudarshanar and Yoga Narasimha.Karuppannaswamy, the God of Kallars and the finely carved eighteen steps, are held in great reverence by the devotees. It is claimed that nobody will dare tell a lie at this spot. The hill by the side of the temple is about 300 metres high and is famous for its holy springs called Silamboru and Noopura Gangai. According to local tradition, this spring is said to have originated from the anklets of Maha Vishnu during His incarnation as Trivikrama. The 3 kms path on the hillock to the temple of the summit, where bathing facilities are available, offers some beautiful natural scenery to the visitors.

In the topmost right hand, He has Prayoka Chakram, which is special one (see in the picture here). Goddess Sundaravalli Thayar is in a separate shrine. Unmarried girls pray here to get married. The processional deity of Perumal (Utsavar) is known as Sundararajar(the king of beauty) and Kallazhagar. There are also utsavars of Kalyana Sundaravalli Thayar, Andal, Sridevi and Bhoodevi. Vimanam (roof of the sanctum sanctorum) is called as Somachanda Vimanam and is fully gold plated.

Lord Karupanaswamy Temple

Lord Karupanaswamy is worshipped at the main entrance door (with 18 steps) which is closed. The devotees offer sandal paste to this Lord. Since no one dare to lie in front of the Lord Karupanaswamy, many people plead here to get justice.

Other deities in this temple are

  • Sri Andal
  • Sri Sudarsanar
  • Sri Yoga Narasimhar (there was a opening to the sky in the roof above the idol, as Narasimhar is very powerful here)
  • Thumbikai azhwar (Vinayaga with Thirumankappu on his forehead)
  • Kshetrabalagar
  • Saraswathi

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