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The Kalyana Mandapa of the temple has beautiful sculptures on its pillars which are fine specimens of Nayaka art. In addition to the life-size sculptures of the kings who ruled over this place, there are many delicately carved idols relating to the epics. They are magnificent in concept and yet jewel-like in the delicacy of the chisel. Some of them surpass the workmanship found in similar pillars of the famous Meenakshi temple of Madurai. The notable ones are those of Narasimha, Krishna, Rathi seated on the parrot, Manmatha and Vishnu on Garuda and a few others. Apart from these the idol of Tirumala Nayaka found on a pillar is claimed to be the best when compared with similar figures found elsewhere.The inscriptions of various dynasties found in this temple, as also in a cavern on the hill, throw light on the antiquity of this place.Some of them date back to the glorious reign of Ashoka. It is believed that the renowned Jaina teacher Ajjanandi and his disciples were staying on the caves of this hillock.



1. Car mandapam
2. Elephant vehicle mandapam
3. Sixteen pillared mandapam (Aandal mandapam)
4. Kondappa Naicker mandapam
5. Thirukkalyana mandapam
6. Kodaithirunal mandapam
7. Ponveintha Perumal mandapam (Constructed by Sundara Pandyan)
8. Aryan mandapam (Padiyetra mandapam)
9. Maha mandapam (Alanagara mandapam)
10. Vasantha mandapam
11. Madhavi mandapam ( Noopura Gangai - Rakkaayee Amman Temple )

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