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Nupura Ganga

The water from this pool is supposed to have descended from the heavens and fallen at the top of this hill which in turn flows as Nupura Ganga. Taking a holy bath in this water is said to fulfill the desires of the people and so it is also called as ‘Ishta Siddhi’. In ‘ Silappatikaram ‘ there is a mention of three springs found in this hill namely, ‘Sravanam’. Bava Tarani’ and Ishra Siddhi.

When Lord Vishnu took Vishvaroopam in his Vamana avathar and raised His foot over, Lord Brahma performed Padapooja with the Ganga water in the Heaven. Some of the water drops splashed over the anklet of Lord Vishnu, fell on the earth at Azhagar Hills and is still flowing as waterfalls. This is named as Noopura Gangai(Noopuram means anklet) and also as Silambaru. The devotees take bath in the Noopura Gangai Theertham to wash away their sins. This water tastes sweet and has medicinal values. There is a shrine for Rakayee amman here.

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