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  • It is one of the 108 divya desams (108 thirupathis).
  • It is praised by six Azhwars in the Nalayira Divya Prabandham.
  • Sri Andal prayed to offer Akkara adisil (sweet milk rice) to Sri Azhagar in this temple, if her desire to marry Shri Mahavishnu would be fulfilled.
  • Though she attained her desire, she could not performed her offerings. Later, Bhagavath Ramanujar came to this temple and performed her offerings. Every year, this is remembered by performing that offerings on the 27th day of the Tamil month Margazhi.
  • The garland that adorned Sri Andal will come from Srivilliputtur every year during Chitirai festival. Only by wearing that garland, Sri Azhagar enter into the Vaigai river in Kuthirai Vahanm.
  • Sri Koorathazhwar, a chief disciple of Bhagavath Ramanujar got back his eyesight in Azhagar Koil, by composing Sundararajastvam in praise of Sri Azhagar.
  • Shri Sundararajar comes to Madurai for Chitirai festival and to Poigaikaraipatti for Theppam festival.
  • Thirukalyanam (celestial wedding) of Sri Sundararajar with four Thayars namely Sundaravalli, Sridevi, Bhoodevi and Andal takes place on Panguni Uthiram day.
  • Azhagar Koil Dosai prasadam is very famous.

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